Americans' politics

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Americans' politics

Post by LAPOUDGE Victorine on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:30 pm

The American's politic system based on 3 fundamentals principles : the republic, the democracy and the federalism. It is defined by the constitution of 1787 and by its 27 amendments. In this democracy, it is the the power of the sovereign people which is important. To vote in USA, it is necessary to have the american nationality, to be 18 years old and to dispose of its civil rights. The suffrage is universal direct to the representatives, and indirect for presidential election. The abstention is calculated in relation to all potential voters and not just in relation to registered as voters. This is one difference with France. In the american politic system, the the separation of powers (executive, legislative) is very strict. We can resume it : the congress creates the laws, the president executes and the supreme court interprets them. The president can impose his power of veto against a new law, but the congress can ignore if more than two-thirds of each chamber's support it. He can appoint the judges of the supreme court and ministers, but the senate must first approve its. The Chamber of Representatives has the power of impeachment whose the Senate has the power to judge, allowing them to remove the President from office.

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