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Post by Cindy.M on Tue Sep 27, 2016 1:57 am

The political system of the United States rests on three fundamental principles: the Republic, the democracy and the federalism. it is defined by the constitution of 1787 and its 27 amendments. This political system holds several political parts.

An exemple: The Jefferson parts: Law of States and of the individual
The ancestor of the current democratic Party is the republican-democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison who had established between 1793 and 1798 in front of federalist Party of George Washington and John Adam.

Thus the debate between partisans of a centralized unity (federalist) and partisans of the right of States and the individual stands out first years with the United States. The federalists are managed by Adams, Puritan, anglophile, supported by the bourgeoisie of the North which worries about popular disorders. The democrats-republicans defend the ideal jeffersonien from people of small independent and equal owners. Close friend of the values of the French Revolution, this party refuses that a financial urban elite limits their senses of identity and their right to the expansion (western, free conquest trades). It leads the party to oppose the federal taxes and the central bank checking the currency, what makes it a supporter of the liberalism in economy. The party displays against the encroachments of the Federal state. Indirectly, by refusing a federal law abolishing the slavery, it supports the " particular institution ", what makes it very popular in the electorate of the South, what exports the cotton and is thus favorable to low customs duties.

With the victory in the presidency of Jefferson in 1800, the purchase of the Louisiana which doubles lands opened to the farmers for the " continuation of the happiness ", and the end of the war of 1812 against the English people which insures the freedom of the trade and makes possible the doctrine Monroe (" America to the Americans "), the republican democrats take durably the power. The regionalization then the disappearance of the federalist Party, allows the democratic Party to be, during around thirty years, the only national political important party of the United States ( 1795-1825 ). It is then managed by big Virginian owners, Madison and Monroe succeeding Jefferson in the presidency.


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