TED : educators

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TED : educators

Post by Emilie Virfollet on Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:17 pm

Rita Pierso is an educator for 40 years. Her life was guided by the teaching, because her parents, her grands parents were educators.
She has a perspective on education in general because she saw all reforms.
For her we know why kids don't like school, why they leave school. But what why don't speak is the relationship, the humain connections and it is the most important !
The educators play a very important rôle in education. They are good and bad teachers of course, but kids don't learn from people they don't !! a teacher shouldn't come to gives his lesson ans nothing else. He mustn't do this job if he doesn't like a minimum children. Educators must focus on children and understrand them instead of wanting to be understood.
The educator should be there to encourage student and to show him that he can do better. Instead to show the points lost durring a test he must show the points earned and work again with the kid to understand mistakes.
For a teacher dedicated to his profession the best reward is when a former student come back to show what he becomes and thank his educator for that.
Of course, educators shouldn't love all of their students it's impossible but Rita thinks their job is to teach and leave a legacy of relationships. The school is there to help kids to think themselves, the school is there to make difference.

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Re: TED : educators

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:46 pm

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