Pop an ollie and innovate! Ted

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Pop an ollie and innovate! Ted

Post by Leo Bruand on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:36 pm

Hi everybody,

When i was young, 6 or 7 years old, my dad tried to do love me play soccer. I joined the unique club in my town. But rapidly it began boring.. The training was on the tuesday and thursday evening, and there was match on the saturday evening. You know, I was not this kinds of kids. I was fed up about have a coach who said me : "ok, you need to put your foot in this way or do this move to do real soccer" If i wanna play soccer on the monday morning and play with my slipper then i do it, that my OWN way to do soccer. When I was 9, my mom bought me a walmart version of skateboard this board which can't go because of the poorest quality of the stuff. But, i loved it because that was the first time on my life i could do something without any obstacle, with any rules. So, i did skateboard after school, on the week end, every single day i tried to be more confortable on my board. I learnt how take a bend, i was a self-thaught man i thought every day to do something new whith my skate. And I met some guys who did the same and together we learnt the basic tricks like "ollie" or "kickflip".

In 2008 my dad bought the family computer, and a friend showed me Youtube. One of the first things that i search on the web and youtube was the world : "skate" and I found a skater who is Rodney Mullen in a video which name is : "Almost (name of a brand) round 3"
This guy is the godfather of the subject. I realized that is this man who created the famous "ollie" tricks and about 20 others tricks.

And today, I found a Ted talks video of Rodney Mullen who's actually speaking about that urge of innovation. At the start, Mullen did freestyle skating; when everybody did ramp skating (In bowl or empty swimming pool); that just a way to do skate but in a static way on a ground. But some others skaters transposed the Mullen invention tricks in the street, and with the ollie they jumped above sidewalk or stairs. Nowadays 90% of skaters do street skate. In his speach, Mullen compare it to the "hacker" who learnt some technology or compunting stuff and manipulate it to do something it was never intended to do. If we forget that Hack is illegal, with it, you can be a IOS hacker and enable your iphone to do something it wasnt supposed to do. The way that this men connect many disparate knowledge and put together to go over the simple ideas of a basic system its the essence of engineering.

Thats the same things in Skateboard, Mullen just put together different move and conceptualize a new trick and when it is create another man transposed it in a new environment, in the streets and do it above an upstairs. After, instead of do it above an upstairs someone tries to get it after a manual position (when u skateboard on just 2 wheels) and so on and so forth.

All that we do is conditioned. It can be conditioned by rules of society, by something that someone did before us. But that we need to understand is : the secret of innovation lies in the way you use the existing things to create your own solutions, your own answers, your own world!

Every weeks i'm used to do skateboard, and chicks thinks i'm a childish, in fact i'm an innovator Laughing

Thanks for your reading!
Leo Bruand

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Re: Pop an ollie and innovate! Ted

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:01 pm

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