Ted Talks : Hyeonseo Lee : Mon évasion de Corée du Nord

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Ted Talks : Hyeonseo Lee : Mon évasion de Corée du Nord

Post by Celia Butel on Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:32 pm

Hi everyone,

Today I will speak about a video I have seen on the YouTube channel Ted talks. This video was about the evasion of a North Korean girl from his country.
She is telling us that when she was young she was proud of her country. But after a few years, she assisted to her first public execution. And after that she realized that her people were suffering notably of famine. So her parents decided to send her to China where she had distant relatives. But living in China for a North Korean is not safe because it is illegal to be in China for these people. So she lived for years in fear of being found. Finally she went to South Korea and could build a new life. But her parents had to live in the North Korea, so she came back to China to bring back her parents to South Korea. She needed to go to China because the border between north and South Korea is closed. Finally, they could be together in South Korea but they were almost caught by the Chinese police.
Her history was very distressing because I can’t imagine how much those people could suffer of the current dictator. Their lives are restricted and controlled by the state and they have no liberty. Furthermore, like the young women said, she couldn’t have a country to be proud of, and she had an identity crisis.
Finally I think that it is important for North Koreans that they talk about their story and they denounce what happened in North Korea.

Hugs and Kisses
Celia Butel
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