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Post by TAO SIHAN on Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:15 am

This speech is concerning whether we can use the scientific statistics method to follow the rail of the possibility of psychosis in the future.

Mariano  begin with an example that through the historical records we can know about the development in the future. And he found that people didn't know about the introspection, which is the ability to think about our own thoughts, in the ancient. But about BC 400 years, they gained the introspection.

He gives us two methods to prove it.

First, to build the space of words to solve the problem that people can't gain introspection. In this way, the distance between any two words can reflect how closely related they are. All we need to do is just to digitize the books, and we take this stream of words as a trajectory and we project them into our space of words. So we can see whether this trajectory spends significant time circling closely to the concept of introspection. And this hypothesis has been confirmed by some examples. And Mariano think this mesure can tell us something about the future of our own consciousness.

But there are some defects, we can not forecast all what we gonna say and what we think because psychological changes are elusory.

And he says, to distinguish between a group of schizophrenics and a control group, it was not in which semantic neighborhoods the words were, but how far and fast they jumped from one semantic neighborhood to the other one.

So he came up with the second mesure which called semantic coherence. This gonna distinguish who developed psychosis and who will not. For example, from the words that the other people say, it can tell us their sense, mood and feelings. This can help us to understand how we convert this intuition that we have into an algorithm.

This way provides the basic of quantitative and improve the accuracy rate of distinguishing the schizophrenic. But it is still in process of research. And I want to ask if this technique is achieved, whether it represents we can intervene the trend of thought through sfiting the words what we want other people hear. Question Question Question Wink


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