TED talks : Jason Potin - can technology solveour big problems ?

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TED talks : Jason Potin - can technology solveour big problems ?

Post by Léa on Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:30 pm


I choose the video : can technology solve our big problem ?

First, jason Potin  speaks of the first rocket to the moon. He shows that these events accursed because Kennedy wanted shows that American rockets were better. It was to show the power of the country. Then, he says that the first steps on the moon were an event who arouses wonder and shows a technological advance. But, he emphasizes that 1962 wasn't the only important date of 20 centuries. He gives examples as a tuberculosis vaccine in 1921. For him, we want to progress quickly. We think that technologies want to solve problems of the world.
Today, many gadgets around us. They have many advantages, but don't allow to resolve the problems of humankind. Much progress left to do as for instance, cure cancer or to feed the world. The technology can't solve all, especially nowadays. Indeed, Jason Potin takes as an illustration the Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley didn't ever never finance projects to solve great problems because no commercial value. Realize projects are more expensive for the State.
Finally, he says that the technology wants still to improve lots, but he denounces a bad government who blocks the progress. Resolution will be even more harshly in the future.


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