Ted Talks : Danielle Feinberg : The magic ingredient that bring Pixar movies to life

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Ted Talks : Danielle Feinberg : The magic ingredient that bring Pixar movies to life

Post by Lauriane BELLOY on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:22 pm

Hello !

I'm going to tell you the video : The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life.
The narrator of this video, Danielle Feinberg talks about her fascination for the creation of animated films. She tells us her dream as a child was to became an artist but someone had broken her dreams saying she can't make a living being an artist. She was interesting thereafter science and makes computer programming studies. After her studies she was hired by Pixar studios for creating animated films. She explains that to create a realistic world it's necessary to create a three-dimensional world on computer. But what fascinates the most is lighting scenes because lighting used to help tell a story and lead the viewer into the story. On the computer can create extraordinary worlds by bringing to life the incredible characters but computer animation can also create terrible things and unrealistic. To avoid this Danielle Feinberg explains that we must rely on science to approach of the real world. She gives the exemple of the film Finding Nemo where she told us to recreate the ocean they first filmed under water and recreate the images on computer. Danielle Feinberg says to use science to create dreams and light plays a very importante role to convey emotions and make the scene realistic however she says that sometimes in trying to create perfectly realistic scenes, the magic can be lost, science can thus stifle art, the importante thing is to always have an artist's vision. Create a good animated film is to reconcile science to recreate a credible world and art to transform reality into a magical world.

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