TED'x - Simon Sinek : How great leader inspire action

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TED'x - Simon Sinek : How great leader inspire action

Post by Gabriel Pilon on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:32 pm

Simon Sinek wrote books about motivation and management. In 2009, he become famous by publishing his best seller "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action." In the same year, he gave a Ted speech called "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" . This speech became one of the 10 apreciate Ted with 10 millions views in 5 years.

In this speech he explain the recipe of succesfull company and successfull leader.

At the beginning of the speech, he describe Apple as a company like every other else in its access to technologies and talents. But the fact are that year after year, Apple is more innovative than the competition.

He come up with the idea that every successfull leader communicate the same way. And the one who failed communicate the exact opposite way. To explain his idea, he draw, as he called it, the "Golden circle".

This is a big circle with 3 division inside. At the very tip of the circle, he called the division "WHAT", at the middle this is the "HOW", and at the centre there is the "WHY".

The company who failed just communicate the wrong way, from the outside to the centre. For example : WHAT : We have great computer ! HOW: We create it with technology and engineer ! WHY : ..... no answer

The fact is that every company and leader (for example : Martin Luther King) have a WHY.
For Apple : WHY : We believe in thinking differently ; HOW : by making our product beautifully design and simple to use ; WHAT : then we make great computers.

HE realy insiste that people will follow you because of the WHY, because "they believe what you believe" (he repeat this sentence like 100 times in 10 minutes). If people believe what you believe they will follow you, not for you, but for them, not because they have to but because they WANT to.

The funny fact is that our brain is made the same way. Homo sapien brain, the neo cortex, is the what level. This is the rational, analytical though and language we got. The middle two section (HOW and WHY) correspond to the limbic brain. This is where we got feelings, like trust and loyalty. It is also responsable for decision making.

This way we can understand that if you have a reason, if you defend value, if you have goal, if you love what you do because you are deeply convince about the fact that it will be important and usefull, then you can express it and people will follow you because they believe what you believe.
If you do the opposite by discribing some solution and some action without taking care about the deep interest and the importance of those actions, people will just dont give a damn about it.

I've look a lot of videos of Simon Sinek. To me this is one of the best, he is trully responding to a lot of problem by demonstrate our behavior and explaining why sociaty is what she is.
Believe in yourself, in your idea. Show to people why do you believe in it. A lot will agree and follow you. Not to be nice with you, but because they deeply want it. This is a recipe of success.
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