TED talks : A new way to heal hearts without surgery

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TED talks : A new way to heal hearts without surgery

Post by Laura Croegaert on Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:09 pm

The man who speaks about this subject, Franz Freudenthal, is a pediatric cardiologist. He started the speech by saying that the more complex problems can be solved with simple techniques. For that, you have to be able to dream. He learnt this from his grandmother, the both live in an indigenous community. Thanks to this experience, he understands the life outside the city with a lot of possibilities without barriers. When he became medical student, he thought that he would have the capacity to heal new born babies with a heart disease so, he have worked on.
He explains that heart disease is caused by the lack of oxygen. But not only that, he found holes in hearts which depended on the altitude.
He explains how to heal hearts disease without surgery. During camping in the wild, he noticed that avocado branch doesn’t burn. So he used avocado branch as a molt. They believed that holes in hearts of children could be closed with a coil. The first test was a success.
Indeed, he tested on different children and this invention healed a lot of patients. But the coil is inefficient if the patient lives in altitude. Because the holes will be different on a different altitude. The coil was therefore efficient on half of the patients.
Thanks to the help of his grandmother, an indigenous, he obtained a new device. He takes the tradition of weaving method, and he created a device with a smart material that records the shape. The weaving permit to create something that doesn’t rust. The device can adapt itself in very complex structures and can be plugged in to all kinds of holes in hearts. Now, he can heal all heart diseases.
No open surgery is necessary to heal a diseased heart. This procedure takes only 30 minutes. Finally the best solution needs to be simple. Patients and the team communicate. He propose this device freely, all children can be treated.

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