Your smartphone is a civil rights issue TED TALKS

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Your smartphone is a civil rights issue TED TALKS

Post by kilian pousset on Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:30 pm

In this subject, the speaker display the differences between the iphone security and the android security.

Indeed, it is simple, there is just two cases : There are two smartphone operating systems in the global smartphone market: iOS and Android. iOS is made by Apple and Android is made by Google. Apple has spent a lot of time and money to make sure that its products are as secure as possible. Apple encrypts all data stored on iPhones by default, consequently, if the policy police seize an iPhone and this last one has a password, they will have a difficult time getting any data off of it, in contradiction of android where the security is not good, because android doesn't protect the data by default.

So the question asked here, to make a reflexion for our society is the following :

You need money for buying an iphone and lot of consumers don't have enough, so they choose an android phone. Consequently some peoples in their pockets have phones which encrypt their calls, their text messages, all the data on the device, without them doing really anything to secure their information. In contrast, the poor and the most vulnerable in our societies are using devices that leave them completely vulnerable to surveillance.
Why people with an android phone would not have the same security about theirs personals life ?

"We must remember that surveillance is a tool. It's a tool used by those in power against those who have no power."

And for the speaker, it's a question about the human rights, if we do nothing for ensure that everyone have the same level of security than his neighbour..

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