TED TALKS: 8 secrets of success

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TED TALKS: 8 secrets of success

Post by tendron lou on Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:53 am

The analyst Richard St.John talks during 3 minutes about the real secrets of success. He condenses 7 years of interviews (500). He give us 8 secrets of success.
1) The first is the PASSION because if we like what you do, money comes afterward.
2) The second is WORK. It is necessary to work hard to have what we want.
3) The third is GOOD
4) The fourth is FOCUS. It is necessary to stay focused on what we do.
5) The fifth is PUSH. It is necessary to push his shyness ans his doubt.
6) The sixth is SERVE. Indeed, when you serve the others by bringing them something(help for example), it a way to enrich yourself.
7) The seventh is IDEAS, like Bill Gates who is a member of TED and who has had an idea. We all know the result today.
Cool The eighth is PERSIST. The perseverance is the reason number one of our successes.

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