TED TALKS : Everything you hear on film is a lie

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TED TALKS : Everything you hear on film is a lie

Post by Olivier Pruleau on Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:39 am

"All bad art comes from copying nature and being realistic; and all great art comes from lying and deceiving, and telling beautiful, untrue things" Oscar Wildes

Tasos Frantzolas tries to explain to us that all of the sounds we hear in a movie are fake. For exemple if you want to record the sound of a punch it will be more realistic to capture the sound of a man sticking a knife in vegetable, usually cabbage.
Sounds can provoke something inside the viewer head, memories, one idea. The silence can be used to create tension. Each location has a unique sound, and each room has a unique sound, which is called room tone. Theses sounds can speak directly to our brain subconsciously.
Moreover, sound effect can tap into our emotional memory. For exemple, breaking of glass can indicate the end of a relationship or a friendship.
Occasionally, the source of a sound cannot be seen and this situation create in the viewer head the sense of ubiuity or autority.

He are trying to demonstrate that the sound can be used and is used in movie like a language. The sound can make us laugh or can make us scared and it can trick us by transporting us geographicaly in some location for the progress of the story.

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