TED Talks : The power of seduction in our everyday lives

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TED Talks : The power of seduction in our everyday lives

Post by Maxime Calogine on Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:48 pm

During my holidays, I watched a video about the seduction art. However, I just forgot to post the summary on this forum.

The conference begins with a background music (latino). A woman dances and charms a man. The latter gives his number and asks the woman to meet in his hotel. It’s a joke, of course.

So, our narrator introduce yourself. Her name is Chen Lizra and she is a dancer, an author and an entrepreneur. The goal of her dance (at the beginning of the conference) was to feel the seduction in the public.

According to the woman, the seduction is « funny ». Everybody possesses the power of seduction. It’s just necessary to learn to expess it, to develop it from the youngest age to be successful in life.

Seduction isn’t a science but an art because it comes from the heart. And, like every art, it’s taught. To develop its side spontaneous, it’s necessary to master the seduction and to appropriate it. The question thus is to know when and how use it.

Today, the word "seduction" is so sexualized. Frequently, this concept is associated with the manipulation. Moreover, we always think that the men seduce more than women. Nevertheless, it’s the real competence. The seduction is articulate around charm, links, vulnerability and self-confidence ...
Now, here is the recipe of the seduction :

- First of all, desire. It’s fundamental to know that we want and to give themselves the ways to obtain; it’s crucial.
- Then, confidence. It’s a key notion for the seduction. It is conditioned by our character. The media influence strongly our confidence. Indeed, they draw the picture of " perfect bodysuit " and it can make us hesitate.
- Body language. We can define this idea like the way of highlighting our attributes, our sensualism, the tone of our voice (what you say and how you say it), our expression. All these elements allow to indicate to our partner for what we wish.
- Excitement. To seduce effectively, the excitement has to be instigated. You must to grant a total attention in one moment to your partner.

Finally, the seduction allows to be more confident. She allows to obtain successes in our everyday life. The woman ends to explain that the courage in front of the failure is a very powerful capacity at the most seductive people.

Dear students, you know what they remain you to do ....
Maxime Calogine

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