Kid president : boys vs girls

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Kid president : boys vs girls

Post by Aurélie Leclerc on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:09 am

Hey guys, do you know Kid President ? You should !
This funny and clever little guy owns a blog and a youtube channel. This 11 years old boy named Robby loves dance and corndogs.  Him and his brother-in-law make videos about a lot of subjects usually related to self estime and sometimes politic. He adresses to family and kids but everyone can be touched by what he says.

Today I would like to introduce you this video :
Boys vs girls.
Why do I like this video : it emphasizes the fact that both boys and girls face pressure.
Before this video Kid President launched a hashtag : #kpawsomegirls, so people can send video or story about how girls are awesome. So this video follows by showing few exemple of the # campain. Why girls are awesome : because they face a lot a pressure and they need to know and to keep in mind how awesome they are. But, with humour and cuteness, Kid President is remind us that boys also are awesome.  
Well I wont report everything cause if I do watching the video will be worthless but here is what to keep in mind : boys and girls should support each other ! No gender is better than another : we're all people ! yeeah peace and love  Very Happy  no but seriously we should teach that to every kids so they can perhaps become better adults, open minded and respectful !

If you want to know Kid President better I really encourage you to watch his videos (especially if you feel down, he knows how to cheer you up  Wink )
Also watch this video to know who he is, is really an inspiration :

Aurélie Leclerc

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Re: Kid president : boys vs girls

Post by Salomé P. on Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:39 pm

Wo love it! And i watched the entire video! This little boy is so funny! And you feeling impressed at the same time cause he's brave you know, in his way he tells out loud with his kid vision serious stuff. And of course for real boys and girls need to support each other.

Salomé P.

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