Youtube influencers

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Youtube influencers

Post by Salomé P. on Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:20 pm

Hi guys

Today i wanted to introduce a theme around influencer. And my exemple is more specific about youtube influencers.

I'm following this youtube channel since... don't remember exactly but let say 1 year and a half or 2. The videos are created and produced by two people, Damon & Jo (as the channel name is).  They just adore traveling and are trying to give tips (cultural, historic, economic,...) in so many different place in the world. They mainly talk in english but also in spanish, in french, in italian, in portuguese... and so you have the possibility to watch a video in english, another in french, in Italian and back to english... they only learned by meeting people and discovering different cultures.
They are just cool and fun in their way of presenting and living their adventures. I hope you would click on this video and go discover their channel. Smile

Salomé P.

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