Virtual LOVE!!

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Virtual LOVE!!

Post by CamilaCristanchoDuque on Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:54 pm

Hi guys!

Today I'm sharing with you a very interesting article about how Japanese society deals with love.
It relates the growing importance of romance gaming for female audience in the country. The concept is simple: you download the app on your phone and live your fantasy with a virtual boyfriend. The reason to do so is simple: the virtual lover is loving and caring when Japanese men have this reputation of being shy and not good at flattering.

The article only relates the behavior of women but japanese men do quite the same when they hire a fake girlfriend for the day…
Here again, the aim is clear: enjoy a moment with someone who is here especially for them and doing all they can to make them happy (let's not forget that's their job here and everyone knows it. This services do not include sex. Only enjoying the company of someone).

Do you think Japanese society is just being ahead of her time or do you think that this behavior is just a symptom of the sick selfish society we all live in?

I have to admit that I'm fascinated by the way Japanese people deal with love and relationships when in some other places on Earth, people are so afraid to be alone that being single must be a temporary status,no matter if the person is not a special one..

What is the saddest situation? .. I'm hesitating!!


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Re: Virtual LOVE!!

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:31 pm

That's a title to grab attention Camila. I scan read the article but if I understood it properly it sounds crazy to me. Japanese girls are using an app to say nice things to them.Is that it?

How can that have the desired effect? They want to feel loved/appreciated yet an app by definition cannot love them or appreciate them. It would seem to me that they have a mental problem if they think it's working.

I can understand to a greater extent the payment of "real" people to make them feel loved/appreciated and to be honest I can understand the use of escorts and prostitutes and would be in agreement with their legalisation if it wasn't for all the evil (forced prostitution/slavery etc...) that is entwined with the problem.

Perhaps you can explain how the apps are successful and then I can re-evaluate my view.

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