Euthanasia - The Sea Inside Movie and Poem

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Euthanasia - The Sea Inside Movie and Poem

Post by Alfonzo_Meneses on Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:09 am

This reflection comes from a movie I saw some years ago.

Regarding euthanasia. Do you believe that each of us can and should decide when to end our lives? but Let's not talk about religions.

If you are interested in the subject, you can leave your opinion

Meanwhile, I tell you that since I was a child I like poetry.

So I share this poem, a Spanish film that maybe you saw.

Sea Inside

“Sea inside, sea inside
In the weightlessness of the bottom
Where dreams come to fruition
Two wills unite
To realize a wish.

One kiss ignites the life
With lightning and thunder

And in a metamorphosis my body no longer is my body,

It is like a penetration through the center of the universe.

The most puerile embrace
And the purest of kisses
Until seeing ourselves reduced
Into the only desire.

Your look and my look
Like an echo repeating itself without words
Deeper, deeper
Until beyond the realm of everything
By the blood and by the bones.

But I always awaken
And I always want to be dead,
To remain with my mouth
Entangled in your hair.”


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