Homework Prep for Monday 09/01/17

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Homework Prep for Monday 09/01/17

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:46 pm

Yeah I know, it's been left a bit late but I have faith! I'd like us to have more chance to talk in the sessions this semester so getting you to prepare some thoughts/ideas in advance seems a good way to go about it.

On Monday we 're going to get serious and talk about whether "WE" should have been involved in Syria or not and if so when. Below are some links to thoughts from British and US sources from a few years ago about whether the UK should get involved as well as thoughts on US and French involvement.








Read what you want from the above and use other sites of your own choice so that you can discuss with your colleagues your views on intervention in Syria and thoughts on other interventions both from the past and the future.

Have fun and tell everyone else to check this post too.

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