Homework Preparation for 16/01/17 - Women are not objects.

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Homework Preparation for 16/01/17 - Women are not objects.

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:25 pm

Watch the link below:


Points that we could discuss:

1. Is the ad productive or counter-productive?

2. “I am your mother, I am your sister ...” Who will that angle connect with?

3. Madonna Badger made ads that objectified women (and men). Is she a hypocrite? Is it only older successful advertisers who can afford to take this stance?

4. Do the women in the ads understand what they are doing? If not why not? If they do, why do they do it?

5. Are we taking these ads too seriously?

6. “Sex sells for a minute but not over the long term”. Do you agree with this statement?

7. What do you think to the 4 criteria Madonna suggests for identifying an objectifying ad? What criteria would you add?

a. Does the women have a choice or voice in this situation?
b. Is she reduced to just a sexually provocative body part?
c. Is the image manipulated ...not humanly achievable?
d. Would you be comfortable with your sister.... in the image?

8. Is this just a gimmick for the ad agency to differentiate itself in a crowded and cut-throat market?

9. Don't “sexy” women exploit their sexiness in all areas of life? If so why should ads be any different? Should “sexy” women be held back whereas “intelligent” people or people who can kick a ball well aren't?

10. Is/Will Social media change the situation?

11. Are men objectified? If not, why not? If so, why is there not an uproar?

12. Did anyone check out the link to the “reality TV drinking game” rules? What did you think?

13. Has this article or this discussion changed your views in any way?

14. Are there any other questions that I've not raised here that you think are important/interesting?

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