Week 2: Vikings

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Week 2: Vikings

Post by Maël Poisson on Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:58 pm

For this week, I'm going to talk about Vikings and particularly The episode 15 of the season 4. In this episode, Ragnar waits that Ecbert delivers him to king Aelle of Northumbrie. He lets know to his son that it is in him that he has faith to assure the future of their people, he makes, to Ivar, understand that even if king Aelle kills him, while attacking king Ecbert he will need to avenge his death. Ragnar is to send to king aelle, during the route he thinks again about his friendship with Atelstan and asks himself questions on real gods. Then Ragnar is to torture and finished to die at the bottom of a pit with snake. It is the end of the biggest heroin vikings.
For me, this episode is the most sad since the beginning. Crying or Very sad Rolling Eyes

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