Classwork 31/01/17

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Classwork 31/01/17

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:50 am

This is the thread for your university report

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

Post by Alison Lorcery on Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:52 am

Léa and Alison about the city of Glasgow

Glasgow (Scotland)

Master in Sport and Exercise Science & Medicin (MSC - master of science)

The MSc is a 12 month full time programme or can be part time over 24 months. The students have to follow 5 complusory courses and 3 option courses.

The students will have knowledge about research in sport and exercice science and medicine. They can be specialized in physical activity and health, sports performance or sports medicine.

For an international student the fees are very expensive, for a full time programme it’s around 19500 £.

The students can rent a room or an appartment on the campus. For a shared student appartment it’s 3,882.06£ (one year). There’s few types of appartments on the campus, some are very basic and the price is the lowest and there’s some hight quality appartments like the En suite Single at £6,289.92 (for a year). At this price that includes an evening meal and a full breakfast 5 days per week.

Things to visit in Glasgow :

Glasgow Cathedral: St Mungo (The city's most significant historic building is 12th century)
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (free entrance)
Riverside Museum and Tall Ship (Includes many of the exhibits from the city's former Transport Museum)
Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens (is one of the largest glasshouses in Britain)

Cost to get there : the 10th september (if we book it now)
Angoulême- bordeaux : by train 12 euros
Bordeaux- Glasgow : by plane 129 euros (4hours with one stop)
Alison Lorcery

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

Post by Foulques Eliott on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:19 am

The liverpool John Moores university : Sport Psycholgogie MSC
This programme are looking to complete a british Pshychological society for accretited a masters degree in sport psychologie.
Studies focus on the impact that research and psychological theorie has on applied practice.
The price for one years is 14 000 euros for international students.
LJMU is a allocation specific accomodation for pas gratuates and is based ina city center.
In liverppol the friend can go to see a match of football or go to see the museum of the beatles hystori.
The best way is a take a carpooling angouleme to bordeaux and go in london with a fly .
The price is however to 40euros to the fly and 10euros fo the carpooling.
Eliott Foulques and Romain Motard

Foulques Eliott

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Study in London by Florian Roussarie and Aurelien Raibaut

Post by Aurélien RAIBAUT on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:21 am

Master of science in applied sport and exercice physiology in St Mary's university, Thickenham, London

This degree involves a range of specialist modules to develop core knowledge and applied skills for those aiming to pursue a career in applied sport and exercise physiology.
The MSc course utilises accommodation and equipment in the School of Sport, Health and Applied Sciences which includes extensive laboratory analytical equipment and library materials that support the course.
In this degree we study some modules:
Research methods in sport and exercice
Advanced sport and exercice physiology
Training programme design and evaluation
Sport and exercice physiology in the workplace
Ergogenic aids in sport
Applied techniques in sport and exercice
Reserach project
There is two mode of studieuse, in full time the course is one year and in part time the course is two years.

The fees for international students are about 13,000 £ the year in full time course. Otherwise the fees for international students are about 1,000 £ per module in part time course.

The university offer a range of accomodation on and off campus. The price for a en-suite single room is about 7,300 £ and for a small twin room is about 4,300£ for the academic year with meal plan.

If some friends shows their face in London i will bring them to Red bus tour first. Then i'll bring them to the ABBA museum. We'll go to the Buckingham palace to see the guard change, in route we'll see big ben and the tower bridge. And we'll finished the day in a pub.

To go to London from Angoulême, we'll take the train from Angoulême to Paris and then the eurostar to London. This could cost about 150 euros.
An other solution is to go to Bordeaux merignac airport take the Bordeaux Heathrow flight for about 150 euros too

Aurélien RAIBAUT

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

Post by Igor Chavagnat on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:30 am

York St John University
Strenght and conditioning MSC :

The Strength and Conditioning MSc programme is a great way to refine your research skills and your practical skills, and all taught in some of the finest teaching facilities in the region. Students also have the opportunity to take appropriate vocational qualifications and work placements as part of the programme.

Summary of the course :

How the programme is delivered is just as important as what is delivered for the development of appropriate Masters level skills and understanding. The teaching and assessment on the programme aims to actively engage students in a variety of learning activities. The study days will be designed to engage you in interdisciplinary debate, professional practice, critical review of research, generation of feedback, presentations and data collection.

Presentation of the contain of the course :

Semester one :
Performance analysis – using advanced performance analysis techniques to collect data in specific settings to inform athletic needs.
Research Methods – become informed consumers and producers of research in a range of paradigms and using a variety of approaches.

Semester two :
Training Interventions – investigation of training intervention and physiological adaptation for the enhancement of performance.
Athlete Development – appreciate the inter-play between growth and maturation and use physiological and psychological markers to develop performance during growth.

Research paper :
Produce a written manuscript of publishable quality that addresses a research question relevant to strength and conditioning.

Fees of the course :
- £5,700 for full-time UK/EU, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man students.
- £10,000 for international students.

Accommodation :

St John Central has individual flats which accommodate six students and a few self-contained studio apartments. The majority of rooms in each flat are standard. There are a small number of large rooms in flats throughout the site.
The cost is 5420 £ for standart appartment, with single bed.

Places of interest of York :

- York cathedral
- Yorkshire air museum
- Rowntree Park
- Clifford’s Tower

Best way to get from angouleme to York :

- Bus o car angouleme to La Rochelle ( blabla car 8$)
- Plane la Rochelle (isle of Ré) to London Stansted (133$)
_ Bus London to York (5$)

Chavagnat Igor & Papillon Thomas.

Igor Chavagnat

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Week 3: Poisson Maël and Paul Parcelier

Post by Maël Poisson on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:40 am

The masters degree course related to sport science in the university of Bournemouth is Bsc Sport Developement & Coaching Science (Master of science)

This course brings together the exciting disciplines of sports developement sports mangement and coaching science designed specifically for graduates wishing to face the challenge of a rapidly changing industry. But you need creativity and comprehensive of the principes behind coching science.

For 24 weeks is 10.000 £ for school and for residence is 9.995£ and semi-pension is 10, 495£
There are a Vitality Stadium, a football stadium of Bournemouth. The Square it's a place in the city, the Bournemouth beach, the lower garden and the Oceanarium the Bournemouth Aquarium.

To go from Angoulême to La rochelle and take Plane to Bournemouth and it's ~500 euro for round trip
and in cars you go for 83 euro but during 11h.

Maël Poisson

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

Post by gabriel jouffroy on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:40 am

Rémy and Gabriel
Dear friend, since the end of summer, i'm a in a new school called Montfort university in Leicester. If you want to see me, travel cost only 115£. In Leicester, there are many places to visit, like if you want to see football, there is a stadium called King Power Stadium, and if you're passionate of science, there is a National Space center.
Furthermore, if you want to come in Montfort university, the price is only 12600£ and you can study sports law, biomédical science, management in sports and sport history and culture.
For students, there are five village for sleep in:
-Filbert Village (4616£ per years)
-Neward point (5392£)
-The grange (4098£)
-Victoria Hall (4730£)
-Liberty Park (5250£)

I'm waiting for you
Hope I'll see you soon


gabriel jouffroy

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Manchester university

Post by alban proux on Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:54 am

MA Exercise and Sport - Sport Developpement
There are many sort of lesson in this university like biogical, sciences, sport and physical activities.
About the fees for international students, the price is about 7500£/year for UK and Europa students and about 13000£/year for the other students.
There are many accomodations around the university, the Chesire Campus, the price of these locations are between £100 and £150 for a week.
The best places about sport in the city are Old Trafford, Manchester United's stadium, the national football museum and the Heaton park.
About the travel, the best way to go is by car, the cost is 130£.
Starting from Angoulême, follow Caen' road passing by Tours and Le Mans and take then the boat at Le Havre. Arrived at Portsmouth, you have to take the car again and to pass at Birmingham, then Stoke. After 13 hours travelling, you would arrive in Manchester finally.
With Vincent and the most beautiful Hugo


alban proux

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Work of 31/01 Valentin Praud & Quentin Trillard

Post by Quentin Trillard on Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:14 am

Valentin Praud and me worked on the beautiful city of Leeds  specially  on the Leeds Beckett University who got this logo :

In the University of Leed it is différents MSC possible than student  could do :
            -Sport Coaching
            -Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
            -Sport & Exercise Nutrition
            -Sport & Exercise Physiology

and more  but we choose to mad our search on the MSC of Sport & Exercise Science
Leeds in the third city of England .In leeds  on MSC ( equivalent of a master in france )  you will study  some course in order to have knowledge about  sport and mecanics  for that students got différents study and options:
                                 - nutrition
                                 - biomechanics
                                 - and physiology

For the end of the year student had to do and independant project  in realative from they own specific sport
In Beckett University of leeds you have some fees to payd for do you study in this one universtity  in 2016/2017 hey was about  £5100 ( for Uk and Europeen student ) and about £11300 for interantionnal student Shocked
For student it some acomadation  for a studio in the campus of headlingley  student had to pay for a studio £160 per week / £6,880 total ( for 43 weeks )  this compus looks like taht :

In leeds you can visit  the Royal Amouries Museum , the Roudhay Park n the temple of Newsam and some others places ( like kirkstall Abbey and the Golden arc park )

 ( it is the Royal Amouries of Leeds )

If you want to go to Leeds oy have to go with a blablacar to Merignac  cost : 8.5 €  then you took a  Flights  ticket to london cost 58.55 €  and then take a bus ticket for make London leeds cost 7€  it mad a total of 74.05 €  or  £63.790

Quentin Trillard

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University of Birmingham, by Romain and Mickaël

Post by Romain Tardieu on Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:35 pm

We are going to present the Sport, Exercice and Rehabilitation Sciences MCs by Research from the University of Birmingham(England).

This postgraduate master programme provides training in the practical, theorical and applied elements of Exercice & Sport Science.
The module they offer include teaching, learning & experience in core disciplines of exercice & health & obesity, musculoskeletal systems, & cardiovascular & respiratory physiology.

The School is able to meet our aspirations by offering research degrees across a wide range of areas from exercise science to sport coaching. They have expertise in both the natural and social sciences, and they run programmes in collaboration with colleagues in the Medical School and Physiotherapy, and with professional groups such as the Professional Golfers’ Association. In this multidisciplinary environment, we can gain valuable academic and employability skills leading to a wide range of career outcomes.

The work of the School is driven by outstanding research in its core disciplines spanning the natural and social sciences. Examples include: exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology, sport pedagogy (coaching and teaching), motor control, sport policy and management; behavioural medicine, and areas relating to sport performance. In addition, collaboration across disciplines allows the School to develop multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research around five major research themes:
- Active Lifestyles
- Effective Learning
- Maximal Performance
- Movement Rehabilitation
- Healthy Ageing

The duration is one year full time or two year part time for the course.

The 2017 fees for students are £4,180 full time & £2,090 part time for those who come from UK or EU, for international students it's £16,940 for full time only.

For the accomodation, they offer dedicated postgraduate accommodation in both the Pritchatts Park and Selly Oak villages, as well as a range of studios and apartments across a number of locations.
In Pritchatts Park, total cost for a single room from £4513,56 and a duplex room £4764,12.
In Selly Oak villages, weekly cost for a standard ens-suite £136 & £139 for a large ens-suite, total cost for a standard en-suite £6,769 and £6,943 for a large en-suite.

If I followed the masters course I would show to my friends who may visit me at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, the Jewellery Quarter & during the night we could go to the Broad street & into Brinddley place with some cool pubs and festivals.

To go to Birmingham from Angoulême, we have to take the train from Angoulême for about 50 euros, next take a plane from paris to birmingham for about 100 euros

Romain Tardieu

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

Post by Jean sallee on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:25 pm

We chose Sport Managment. The duration of this master is 12 months. After this master, the possibilities are vast. For example, we can work as a Sports Management Specialist for Adidas or Sport Events Manager for Arena Sport. The price of the master is 8512 € for the year for erasmus students. The price of the accommodation is about 345 € per month.
This master is composed of 10 subjects. For example, there is Sport Markets and Industrie, Managing Service Quality in Sport or Economics of Sport and Leisure

The city has the largest bell foundry in the world, the museum “ Loughborough Carillon is a good visiting idea. A famous farm “Dishley Grange Farm” is most famous and to finish the “ Great Central Railway” is very interesting.

To go to loughborough, it’s necessary to leave from bordeaux by plane : the ticket 30e to reach London. Then for go in Loughboroug , only trhe bus is possible for 10livres and the departure is from london.
SALLEE Jean And DUPUY Alexis

Jean sallee

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Re: Classwork 31/01/17

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