Your best memories with John in class !

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Your best memories with John in class !

Post by Jamel O on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:21 pm

Hi guys ,

This is the end unfortunatelly, this thursday, it's our last class with our fabulous english teacher Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad , so it's time to memories !

Well i have a lot of memories with John : Football of course ! , our debates in class about very interesting subject (Trump, ISIS, Feminism...), our presentations (i worked hard for Hot & Cold Fee and my video about the importance of privacy on internet) , you english humor of course, when you said "If Leicester City win the Premier League, everybody have 20 on mark" , when we lunch in Indian Restaurant and i spoke in French  pale , well i have a lot of memories, i never believed that english class will be so fun and so interesting and for that thanks a lot !

Of course, the forum still exists and mails too but it's different that your class Sad.

Well, i'm sure i'm not the only one that have good memories with your class.

So, let's share good memories classmates with our fabulous teacher !

PS : Leicester City will loose this afternoon against Manchester United  jocolor  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil

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Re: Your best memories with John in class !

Post by MisterSTAPS on Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:02 am

Hello John
I won't be there Thursday morning.
I forgot to thank you for this amazing six months in your classroom.
I spent a really good times with you and I will not forget you.
Like Jamel said, this forum will stay open and I will keep reading & writing on, when I will be free, I promise.

See you dear friend.


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