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GOT episode 1

Post by Maël Poisson on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:03 pm

At the beginning of the episode, three patrollers of the Night Watch discover that wild children were cruelly put to death in the forest. They are in their turn victims of supernatural creatures, the " white walkers ". Only a man succeeds in escaping but, captured and accused of desertion, he is condemned to death. Before its execution by very Eddard Stark, it evokes the white walkers but Stark does not believe it because they are creatures disappeared for a long time. A short time later, a mutilated she-wolf is found in the forest; his six wolf cubs are adopted by each of the children Stark, including Jon Snow.
On returning to Winterfell, Stark learns by his wife that Jon Arryn, the Hand of King, died. As faithful friend of King, Stark is in the front line to replace him and King personally comes to propose he the post to Winterfell. Both men are close all the more as King had to marry at first the sister of Eddard, tragically died. Stark is reluctant but his wife receives a letter which makes him have a change of heart: the sister of Catelyn, Lysa, was the wife of Jon Arryn. She is convinced that her husband was murdered by the in-laws of King, Lannister. They would plot against the Throne. Jaime Lannister is the twin brother of Cersei, the woman of King. He also has a young brother, Tyrion, a dwarf nicknamed "The Sprite".
Avid to protect his friend Robert, Eddard agrees to become Hand of King in his/her turn and leaves Winterfell. Shortly after, while he climbs a building of the village, his young son Bran surprises romps between Jaime and her sister Cersei. Jaime pushes the child in the space to protect his secret and hide the infidelity of the Queen.

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