Blue Mountain State

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Blue Mountain State

Post by Boisumault Thibaud on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:38 pm

Today i want to speak about one of the craziest and funniest series ever : Blue Mountain State (BMS). That's the story of the football players of the Blue Mountain States' univerity, the best team of the university championship. In this series, we see their way of life between courses, football, party and girls and it's quite amazing ! There are four students that we see more than the others, in fact four "main characters" : Alex Moran the replacing quaterback that think more about party and girls, Sammy Cacciatore the roomie and best friend of Moran, he is just so funny and unbelievable. Then there is Craig Shilo the talented runningback who is in relationship with a girl who don't want to have sex before to be married (unofficially.......). And finally there is Thad Castle captain who is a crazy guy. To conclude, this is an amazing series that I truly love and I'm sure if you watch it you will like it too and you will have a lot of fun to see it ! So please watch it and enjoy it !

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