Vikings week 1

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Vikings week 1

Post by BARIL Alan on Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:49 pm

In episode 1 of season 1 we meet the main character of this series which is Ragnar Lothbrok (the most famous of all the Vikings). The episode begins with the end of a battle, where there is Ragnar and his brother Rollo, afterwards Ragnar has several vision of god vikings (Odin and his valkyries). Then Ragnar returned to his village, Son to see the jarl of the village (the village chief) in the company of his son Bjorn (also a famous Viking) so that it receives the rite of passage towards the adulthood.Then we see Lagertha the wife of Ragnar who stayed at the farm, who makes flee 2 thieves (the Viking women are formidable warriors). Ragnar still in Kattegat (the village of Vikings), speaks to his brother Rollo to undertake raids to the west to conquer new land, then he tells his chief but he does not believe in the existence of land The West (England). Then Ragnar visits his best friends Floki, a very talented carpenter, to build a drakar to sail to the west. Floki having built the drakar, Ragnar decides without the agreement of the jarl to sail towards the lands of the west.
At the end of the episode, Haraldson learns for Ragnar's raid and begins to seek a way to avenge himself.


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