Week 4: Game of throne

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Week 4: Game of throne

Post by Maël Poisson on Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:13 pm

Hello everybody,
I would like to talk about the series Game of throne and particulary the episode 2 of the first season.
Further to its terrible fall, Bran is plunged into the coma, Catelyn watches over it day and night. The mainmast of Winterfell, Luwin, predicted that the child will survive. Tyrion Lannister announces to Cersei and Jaime that Bran is going to take out there, in their biggest dismay because it risks to disclose their secret. Ned Stark sets off, taking with him his daughters Sansa and Arya. Jon Snow leaves when to commit to him in the Night Watch, accompanied with Tyrion who wishes " to see the border of the world ". One evening, a fire bursts to Winterfell and, in the middle of the chaos, while Catelyn is alone with Bran, a man gets into the room and tries to murder the child. Catelyn fight and the wolf of Bran jumps in the throat of the aggressor.
Prince Joffrey and Sansa leave walking, Joffrey surprises the young person Arya in full duel with swords with a butcher's assistant, Joffrey takes itself to him, Arya defends him and the she-wolf of Arya rushes to rescue his mistress by bitting the prince. Queen Cersei asks that the she-wolf having attacked Joffrey is put to death. On the path, he meets the bodyguard of Joffrey, Sandor Clegane, who found and put to death the butcher's assistant. Just as he kills the she-wolf, we see Bran opening eyes and going out of the coma …

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