Week 5 Breaking bad

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Week 5 Breaking bad

Post by Romain Tardieu on Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:21 pm

Today i'm gonna talk about the fourth episode of the serie.

In this episode, Hank the brother in law's Walter begin to investigate about news drug dealers, but he doesn't know Walter in a good one.
Walter reveal to Skyler his cancer during family barbecue party, so Skyler call one of the best cancer specialist to cure her husband.
After a drug hallucination, Jesse comes back to his house's family but they send back Jesse outdoor because they found a marijuana joint that Jesse said it begong to him.
In fact it belong to Jesse's little brother, so Jesse has protected him from his parents.

I've found great all the scenes of Jesse at his family house, when we can learn many thing about his childhood, before his drug addiction.
The moment when he protect his brother was the best moment to show courage from Jesse since the beginning of the serie.

See you on the next episode.

Romain Tardieu

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