Vikings week 2

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Vikings week 2

Post by BARIL Alan on Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:30 pm

Aboard their drakkar, Ragnar, Rollo, Floki and the Viking warriors who accompany them face the raging waters of the North Sea, heading west.
Ragnar is obliged to kill one of his men, who questioned his authority by doubting the existence of a land further to the west.
But seagulls finally signal the proximity of a coast: it is the north-east of England, which at that time was called the kingdom of Northumbria. The Vikings approach near the monastery of Lindisfarne, which houses a small community of Christian monks. They plunder the place and massacre the monks, keeping only a handful alive, who will be taken away as slaves. Rollo and Ragnar clash with one of the monks, Brother Athelstan, who speaks the language of the Vikings and whom Ragnar wishes to keep alive. Loaded with slaves and booty, the drakkar takes the way back to Kattegat.


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