Pretty Little Liars Episod 6

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Pretty Little Liars Episod 6

Post by Marion Cousin on Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:37 am

This week, I saw the 6th episod of season 1 of Pretty Little Liars !

In this episod, girls continue to be harass by « A » : for example, « A » sent her a message to inform them taht she will be at the ball which is organise by Rosewood's high school...
During this video, girls chosen their dresses but also their partners. Then, when Hanna saw Emily with Toby who was it's partner, she was shocked and Maya was disappointed and sad because she has feelings for Emily !... Moreover, Hanna doesn't like Toby and she ask herself many questions because few days before, she saw a tattoo on Toby and it was written on his body « 901 ». During the party, Spencer thought that this tattoo is related with the date of Alison's disappearance (1 september). After this moment, Hanna went at the psychologist and she found a document about Toby which prove that he is a killer......

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