Series : Game of Trones

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Series : Game of Trones

Post by LAPOUDGE Victorine on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:05 pm

I choised to speack you about the second season episod 6 of Game of Trones.
For me, one of principal moment in this episod it was when Theon betrays the Stark's family which raised him as their son. He take Winterfell by asking Bran who was obliged to accept to saved his people.
But one of them (Ser Rodrik Cassel) express his disappointment about this Theon's treason. Dagmer Lorren blows in the ear of Theon that he shouldn't leave this unpunished act. So he decide to execut Ser Rodrik Cassel.
However, Theon must to doing that himself, otherwise he would not have been respected by other people. This theon's act aroused the horror of witnesses.

In this episod, there are many importants moments, but if I choised this passage because I think this will have an effect on the continuation.
I didn't watched the next episod, but I can not wait !

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