Prison Break WEEK 5

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Prison Break WEEK 5

Post by Simonneau Lucile on Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:35 pm

Episode 5

After learning that scofield was in the same prison as his brother, the agents of the Secret Services will do everything possible to transfer him in another prison. A first blackmail against the director fails, so they come back and make the director crack. The transfer of micheal is therefore programmed and his plan fall to the water. Veronica has managed to associate with a lawyer specializing in the death penalty, and together they discover that the videotape (where lincoln kills) is rigged. In prison, micheal Scofield finished a hole he had started in his cell and can come and go in the corners of the prison. He uses it to identify which street is not taken by the police to access the prison, among the three roads that lead to it. This will enable him to provide information on which street to take for the evening of the escape.

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