Vikings week 3

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Vikings week 3

Post by BARIL Alan on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:10 pm

Back in Kattegat after their triumphant raid, Ragnar and his men are confiscated by Jarl Haraldson. Each man retains the right to choose one piece of booty, and only one: Ragnar chooses to take Athelstan, the young monk he brought back from Lindisfarne. Christian faith and the vow of chastity of his new slave make Ragnar perplexed, but Athelstan provides him with valuable information about the kingdom of Northumbria, thanks to which Jarl Haraldson authorizes a new raid on England. Now accompanied by his warlike wife, Lagertha, and an emissary of the Jarl by the name of Knut, Ragnar re-embarks hastily, leaving Athelstan responsible for his farm and his children. When the Vikings again set foot on English soil, they were welcomed by the local sheriff and a handful of men-at-arms, who invited newly arrived aliens to meet King Aelle. Ragnar agrees, but the mistrust of his other warriors prompts a battle, in which the Northumbrians are beaten ...


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