Prison Break WEEK 6

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Prison Break WEEK 6

Post by Simonneau Lucile on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:17 pm

Episodes 6 and 7

Michael Scofield sabotages the ventilation system to create a general alert. Veronica and his associate discovered that one of the elements of the indictment is bogus and that the trail must be traveled back to Washington. In the prison, the situation degenerates into the whole wing of the building where a guard is taken hostage. At the same time, the sick revolt in the infirmary, putting the nurse Dr. Tancredi in great danger. In the fight, T-Bag and the guard he took as a hostage entered the cell of Scofield and Sucre and discovered the hole. T-Bag decides to be part of the escape and wants to kill the guard to prevent him from speaking. Michael Scofield seeing on the screen control the nurse in dangerous posture, Michael leaves to save her. After that the  governor arrives at the prison, knowing his daughter (the nurse) is in danger. Scofield thus sneaks into the sanitary warehouses above the false ceilings to the infirmary, he takes the nurse away, but the prisoners are always after the nurse and want him harm. Michael finally arrives at an exit and takes her out of the prison seine and saves.

The end of episode 6 makes us want to watch the 7th to know how Michael and the nurse are doing, that's why I gather these two episodes which make it possible to make a complete resume of the situation.

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