Prison Break WEEK 7

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Prison Break WEEK 7

Post by Simonneau Lucile on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:51 pm

Episode 8

The storage room where the detainees were to escape was converted into a break room for the guards, so Michael Scofield had the idea of ​​asking the only inmate with access to the break room to set fire to the room, the detaine refuses he doesn't want to have problem and be released as soon as possible. Meanwhile, after refusing to cooperate with Michael, one of the prison guards asked the prisoner to tell him who killed the guard Bob (his friend, hostage during the riot), the detainee refuses. The guardian will then attack the cat (name maryline) of the detainee and kill her. The prisoner in vangeance will eventually agree to set fire to the break room by causing the guard to be responsible. This being a group of detainees (composed of all the people to escape) is of drudgery to rebuild the room, they will then be able to creuzer the hole that will allow them to escape.
Meanwhile, the chief of the conspirators had given orders to kill Veronica, who after having escaped with her colleague, took refuge in a lonely cabin after making believe their death. The agents of the secret service after having threatened Burrows by personnel, they also send the cleaners to his son LJ who is with his mother (the ex of his father) and his boyfriend. Cleaners kill his mother and his mother's boyfriend, and set up the scene and clues in such a way as to believe that LJ killed them. LJ succeeded in escaping and found himself alone.

In this episode there is a lot of action and history around differents person, it is one of the first episode of the series for which one remains interrest from the beginning to the end. However the death of maryline the cat makes us feel sadness for his owner.

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