Game of thrones WEEK 7

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Game of thrones WEEK 7

Post by Claire Dessales on Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:00 pm

I am talking about the episode 3 of the third season of Game of thrones obviously ! The episodes of this series are long, they last 55 minutes, I sometimes find it difficult to stay focused. A few times, I confess I fall asleep before the end. But I like this serie anyway.
I will try to tell you what happens in this episode.
Tywin Lannister is appointed by his father as Grand Argentier, Tyrion faces new responsibilities and takes note of Lord Baelish's books. Robb and his mother attend the funeral of Catelyn's father while Brienne and Jaime are now prisoners of Locke. For his part, Daenerys wonders about the slaves of the city Astrapor and agrees to give the biggest of his dragons against the 8000 Immaculates, which does not please his advisers. Arya, on the other hand, separates from one of her friends, who has become a baker at an inn. Jaime Lannister prevents the men of Robb from violating Brienne. Continuing in his argument, he tries to manipulate the leader of the squad but Locke threatens him and slits his right hand.

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