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House of card - Corentin Menesplier

Post by Corentin Menesplier on Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:32 pm

I have chooses House of card, puts into series produced by Netflix. it describes the universe of the American politics. She is inspired by the English series of Andrew Davies.
Franck Underwood is a member of Congress, is a leader of the democratic political party. It is the powerful and influential man who had to obtain the place of Secretary of State within the new elected government because he helped the new American president, Gareth Walker. But it sees taking his place by Mickael Keir, member of the democratic party too. At this moment there, he feels betrayed and is going to use all the average possible to remodel the political scene in his way even if he has to destroy careers to arrive in are purpose. He makes a pact with his wife Claire, who takes care of an ecological no-governmental organization. This pact is to make every effort to destroy Walker. Frank begins to look for people whom he can use easily. He chooses Peter Russo, member as Franck of the congress, consumer of drugs and has just been arrested for drink-driving. By corrupting police captain, Frank makes forget the affair in exchange for the loyalty of his colleague.
Then, Frank chooses to use Zoe Barnes, a young political journalist working for Washington Herald. They form a pact, Frank suggests him putting back him information which will allow Zoe to start her journalistic career and to Frank to fight his political opponents in particular Walker and keir. He supplies to the journalist a copy of the bill drafted by Blythe, on the education. Hardly the oath on Gareth Walker's constitution, Washington Herald publishes a virulent article on the project Blythe.

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