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Breaking Bad

Post by MarieRenaud on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:59 am

Hi Mister Cox,

I decided to look at the series: Breaking Bad. This show is supposed to be about Walter White is a  chemistry professor who lives in Albuquerque with his wife Skyler and his son Walter Junior. His life topples when he discovers he has lung cancer inoperable. It was then that his brother-in-law Hank, a member of the DEA, told him about the enormous sums of money accumulated by the methamphetamine traffickers.

Season 1

Episode 1
Professor of chemistry in a high school, Walter White works at the same time in a car wash point of cars to make money. While discovers that he is reachedby a lung cancer in terminal stadium, Walter decides to regain control over his life. Using his knowledge in chemistry, he gets down to the manufacturing of méthamphétamines, by means of Jesse Pinkman, an alumnus who specialized in the drug trafficking.

Episode 2
Walter and Pinkman have to get rid of bodies of both traffickers that they eliminated. Their task complicates when they discover that one of them survived Krazy-8. Both accomplices do not agree as for the procedure. From her part, Skyler wonders about the strange behavior of his husband. Intrigued by a call, she leads the investigation to discover what he makes. At the high school, Walter does not succeed in disregarding his troubles.

Episode 3
Walter can’t decide if he has to kill or not Krazy-8. He brought food at Krazy-8, but he falls when they down the stairs, he faints. Having woken up,  Walter speaks to him about this cancer. He decides to choke him with the padlock which held him prisoner having discovered that Krazy-8 planned to kill him immediately freed. Marie and Hank thinks that Walter is on drugs and they decide to talk him from it.

Episode 4
Hank begins to investigate into the new traffickers of the district but he doesn’t  know that Walter is a member of it. Walter reveals that he has a cancer during a barbecue in family. Skyler thus decides to book an appointment with one of the best cancerologists so that this one gives an effective treatment to Walter. But this best cancerologists cost a lot of money. Jesse is going to visit his family and discovers that his young-brother smokes some marijuana in secret.

Episode 5
Elliott, old friend of Walter, proposes him a lucrative work allowing to cover its processing fees.  Jesse tries to produce of the meth himself, unsuccessfully, after a quarrel with Walter. Walter Jr, he commits an illegal act by trying to buy some beer to the police. Skyler reveals to Hank and Marie that Walter smokes a bit of dope

Episode 6
Walter and Jesse concluded an arrangement: Walter begins again to produce of the meth while Jesse sells her to private individuals in the street. Jesse then knows that his partner has a cancer and that he prepares of the meth to meet the needs for his family. Hank questions Walter about the flight of chemical materials in the high school. Walter and Jesse look for a new distribution network and Jesse mets Tuco, a dealer. But he does not accept the arrival of a new product and strikes Jesse. He then has to go to the hospital, because he has three broken ribs.

Episode 7
Walter and Jesse meet difficulties to produce the big quantity of meth promised to Tuco. Walter announces to Tuco that he will supply him 2kg of meth per week, but they do not have enough ingredients. Then they will going to break into a warehouse to provide itself. Skyler learns that Marie stole the present for the baby when she returns her to the store.


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