Final three lessons.

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Final three lessons. Empty Final three lessons.

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:41 pm

Hope you're all enjoying your break.

Don't forget that our next class is on 15/11 in the MdL for all groups where we will do a final practice listening comprehension.

The following class is Tuesday 28th November when you will do your oral comprehension test in the MdL.

The final class is Wednesday 6th December when you will do your oral presentation about (one of) the TV series that you've been watching in English. Remember that this forum should have been used for you to talk about your series and other people's series and you are marked on this work - I'm already trusting that you have been watching a series in ENGLISH on a regular, weekly basis even though I have no way to verify this. If you haven't been writing then I suggest you start in a hurry.

The Oral presentation is short because of the number of people in a group but I want you to plan the presentation. I DON'T want you just to tell me what happens in the series - I can find that out online - I DON'T want you to "spoil" the series for other people in the group - I'd rather you entice them to want to watch. So the presentation should be about your relationship to the series what you liked and didn't like about it, your feelings on some of the characters, your thoughts about the series with regards the English used and how easy/difficult/useful it was. Whether you used sub-titles and if so in what language, how useful/accurate they were. Try to give me a personal view and look at the homework from a personal stance. There may be others who talk about the same series but in this way the presentations will be different and unique.

Any questions get back to me (after looking at the sheet I gave you on the first week about your tests.

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