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Post by Charles roger on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:03 pm

Hi guys, during the last weeks i watched all the episodes released from the fourth season of gotham and i am actually waiting for the number 8. After watching several tv show (game of thrones, vikings, the walking dead, breaking bad, hannibal...) I would say that this one is "good". It is not an incredible show but it's pleasant to watch. Personnaly I think that it is a lot easier to appreciate the show when you are an expert of the batman franchise. Let's put this into context. Gotham is the story of batman before he decides to become batman. The principal character is Jim Gordon (usually the commisionnary of the gotham city police departement) who is just detective in the show. The serie is full of fan service, that mean that when you're watching it, you are waiting for this vilain or this one from the penguin to black mask. The vilains are characters that are very important in the show but when you don't know the batman franchise sometimes you would think "how the director imagined a character like this in 2017?" And the answer is that this character was created 50 years ago.
This show is good for entertainement but i only would recommand it to you if you are interrested in comics or in the superhero universe in general.

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Post by YAN Wenyi on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:41 pm

I’m so glad to see that you are also following this TV series, the original motivation that lets me to watch the Gotham City is the Dark Knight Trilogy of batman, properly speaking, I can’t wait to watch the growth process of Bruce Wayne. But after I began to watch it, I would rather to say that “Gotham” is the romantic history of detective James Gordon tongue . In a new season, he changed a new girlfriend. And I was totally attracted by those villains’ character. For example, I really admire the relationship between Penguin and the Riddler, there was a time I hoped they could be together. And the section the most impressive and exciting for me is the show up time of Joker! Very Happy
At present, for the season 4, it is funny for me to a stupid and lovely Edward Nygma. Having seen that a lot of bad guys coming back after their death, I’m now wondering who is the next in the coming episodes.

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