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Post by yuyang on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:11 am

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These days I was addicted to the American TV series<THIS IS US> .  From the very beginning, I did not pay much attention to this family ethics drama. But when I started I was deeply attracted to it, it was like a warm blanket surrounded me in this cold autumn. Especially when it rains outside,  I watch the Pearson’ story on my bed. Episode after episode, I forget the exam and sleep. It is more than just a simple “American soul chicken soup”. The protagonist of the story, the Pearson family, each one is a distinct individual, but closely linked to form an inseparable whole. The story is divided into two timelines, initially you would think of them as fragmentary, independent stories without a fixed protagonist, but as time progresses the context between characters begins to be clear. You will find that they are "big three of pearson". Television star Kevin, the eldest son who sometimes be self-denial, the second daughter Kate who is over obese and understated, and Randall, the third son which was adopted since childhood. They all deeply love their parents - rebecca, mother who loves singing and the heart of the story, the gentle, humorous father Pearson, who has died. I will not talk much about storyline.
The basic reason why I was attracted to this drama may be because of its truth. It has no gorgeous gimmicks without superheroes, no stunt shots, it truly reflects our ordinary yet sophisticated life. The same encounters in the life as those in the play are like being inadvertently snooping, softening your numb heart. Watching Kate fail to lose weight  time after time, i remember  the same countless times when i gave up halfway. i hate myself to have no self-control, when looking at Landauer cry under the tremendous pressure crooked figure also remind me of crying hide in the my bed and blame myself. It is not only emotional catharsis, the characters in the play also teach me how to better control the emotions, how to deal with the bitterness of life, turning it into sweet lemonade. Several times I have been touched by the sincere emotions of these great actors. Love and hate, hope and despair, life is complicated. But the most important is we can not lose the courage of love nor lose the hope of life.Life is complicated, sometimes hard, but you can always find a way to enjoy it. This is real, this is us.


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