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Post by Courtois Alexis on Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:48 pm

The Walking Dead is a very well known series around the world. It's an post-apocalyptic horror television series which adapted from a Robert Kirkman comic. It is broadcast since 2010 and it now has 8 seasons of 16 episodes. The history of this series is centered on the character of Rick Grimes and his group. They live in a world where the population has been ravaged by an epidemic which transforms human into a zombie. They are trying to live in this zombie apocalypse but this is unfortunately not so easy...

Summary of the first season :
Rick Grimes, Atlanta's sheriff, wakes up from a long coma in an hospital given that he took a bullet. He discovers an abandoned hospital with several zombies. He does not understand what is happening to him. After a few hours, he finally meets a group of survivors who will take him to their camp. To his surprise, his wife Lori, his son Carl and his best friend Shane are present. The group is no longer safe in their camp because of zombie attack. So they decide to go to the Atlanta Disease Control Center to be safe. But that will not be the case...

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The Walking Dead Empty Re: The Walking Dead

Post by Mathilde Brandy on Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:06 pm

affraid (Alexis, if you only saw the first season do not read this, I would not spoiler you)  affraid
I watch this series from the beginning and I love it. Since the lastest season is coming out (the eighth) I decided to watch season 7 again to talk about it and give a more objective opinion because all the episodes are pretty much alike. Also, I get tired, because there are not really any twists and those that are almost expected by the viewer. I look at the same time the beginning of season 8 and my thought is confirmed, I think the series is slipping. I also watched the audiences between the first episode of season 7 and the last and there are 6 million less (for the first broadcast in the United States)… i think i’m not the only to be less interested … sad …
But I will still give you a summary of season 7, despite all interesting (thankfully, because it had been waiting almost a year for it to come out! Long wait ...)

At first everything start badly ... (otherwise it's not funny). Negan, the sworn enemy of Rick's group, is killing Glenn and Abraham, two very popular characters (for me). Also, Rick is going through an existential crisis (as usual I want to say) and Negan spends 16 episodes to humiliate all this little world (as usual too) .... and that's where I start to be bored, where has all the dynamism of previous seasons gone? ... The only one who insures is Maggie, who is expecting a baby from Glenn (yes, but it's bad because he died crushed by Lucille ... no it's not a horrible woman, only the bat of Negan, outch). In the end, Rick's band partners with other bands. There will be many quarels and some bands will even turn against that of Rick (trapped). Finally everything ends (almost) well, in the rules of the art ... the band associated will turn against Negan. I wait to see the result that promises to be bloody.
To cut a long story short : let's talk about budget: $ 2.8 million per episode multiplied by 16 episodes = $ 44.8 million. It did pay off ! 8 episodes would have been enough (22.8 million saved, it could have been useful to « spare no expense » in season 8 ... disappointed Sad )

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