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Post by Emmanuel THOMAS on Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:10 am

In this topic I'll introduce to you one of my favorite sitcoms of my childhood : FRIENDS. This series is composed of 10 season and I'll sum up the first one. The sitcom shows the life of 6 friends who live in NYC : Ross, Monica (his sister), Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Phoebe.
On the pilot Monica and the gang introduce Rachel to the "real world" after she leaves her fiance at the altar. Ross, who is just left by the mother of his son (cause she's lesbian), struggles with his rediscovered feelings for Rachel cause she is his first love (bud she has never known that). At the end of the episode Rachel decides to live with Monica (and so becoming the neighbour go Chandler and Joey).
This first episode shows already the atmosphere and the universe of the series : some comics and romantics feelings at the same time from a group of friends of NY in the 90's.

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Post by Emmanuel THOMAS on Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:27 pm

Summarize of FRIENDS season 1 :

EP 2 : Ross finds out the reason why his wife left him. She’s lesbian and found in love of another girl. But at the same time she’s pregnant so Ross will be a father soon. That’s a huge change in his life, his friends help him to be prepared.

EP 3 : Phoebe want to be right and complain about a thumb in her soda. That’s situation is the begin of a chain situation in which Phoebe doesn’t know how stop it. Whereas Chandler starts smoking again. All the groupe is against this vice but that’s Al (the boyfriend of Monica) who succeeds in convince Chandler.

EP 4 : It’s the birthday of the Ross’ first time with a girl so Joey and Chandler bring him to a hockey game but Ross finish to the hospital. Girls find out the politician Stephanopoulous is their neighbour

EP 5 : 3 groups of two have their own adventure in this episode. Ross and Rachel wash their laundry together. Phoebe and Chandler break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Joey and Monica try to ruine a couple.

EP 6 : Joey finally gets a film role : Al Pacino’s butt double. Chandler has a perfect relation with his girlfriend Aurora but he discovers she has already a husband and many boyfriends.

EP 7 : this is a special one cause all the episode is in the dark : NYC has power outage. Everybody is in the appartment of Monica and Rachel except Chandler who is in a automated-teller vestibul withthe model Gill Goudeker. During the evening Rachel run into an italian guy Paolo and falls in love with him. That’s not good for Ross…

EP 8 : Ross and Monica look at the past when their grandmother died. All the group assists to the ceremony but Chandler is troubled cause some of his collegues think he is guy.

EP 9 : That’s Thanksgiving and Monica wants to organized a wonderfull repast for each of her friends. But the party is not a success. At the end of the episode when they eat turkye sandwitch they laugh about hte situation

EP 10 : For New Year Eve everybody swears to be single for the party. But nobody respects the pact except Ross who arrived with his new domestic animal : a monkey name Marcel

EP 11 : Phoebe and Mocina cause an accident of a cute man. They look after him during his coma. At the end of drunk party Ross kissed Chandler’s mother. When Chandler knows the truth a huge confrontation begins.

EP 12 : Phoebe tells Rachel that Paolo harassed her when she massaged him. That’s the end of the relation between Rachel and Paolo (for the happiness of Ross). Chandler and Joey break their main table, as they disagree about what buy, they buy a baby foot.

EP 13 : Joey learns his parents are not faithfull. That’s a big trouble. At the same time by a misunderstanding situation chandler sees rachel nacked. Then Rachel sees Joey, Joey sees Monica and Monica sees Joey’s father.

EP 14 : For Valentins Day Joey and Chandler have a date together, but the evening doesn’t go as planned. Rochel run into Carol at the restaurant where he has a date. When Carol’s girlfriend has to go for work Ross proposes Carol to joint hem.

EP 15 : Chandler quits his jobs cause he doesn’t want to have so much responsabilities whereas Monica try to be hire as a chef in a restaurant but the boss is to high during the degustation. Ross asks Joey for advice on how to talk dirty to women.

EP 16 : Spectators learn about the existence of the twin sister of Phoebe. Phoebe explains why she dislikes to talk about her but Joey falls in love with her.

EP 17 : After an accident Rachel go to the hospital and meets with Monica two young doctors. They invite them to a party at their appartment whereas Ross understand he will become a father soon.

EP 18 : Girls wants to play poker witch boys. After some lessons girls play a game with them. During a poker hand Ross purposely loses against Rachel.

EP 19 : Rachel has to look after Ross’ monkey : Marcel. But she lets him go out. She calls the services to help her to fin dit. But when the autority knows they have a monkey : they want to keep it.

EP 20 : The ex-fiance of Rachel : Barry wants to recover her. But he has a double position with his girlfriend Mindy. When the 2 girls know the thruth they want to make him pay.

EP 21 : Ross has to let his monkey go cause it become sexually mature. Whereas Monica become friends whith the person who stole her and Joey finds a nex name of scene : Grucho Marx.

EP 22 : Phoebe is the new secretary of Chandler whereas Monica has a relation boy of 18 years old. Rachel makes erotic dreams about Chandler and Joey but not about Ross, what it makes him jalous.

EP 23 : Carol and Ross is bout having a baby. Everybody is excited but Phoebe has to lock Ross and Susan (the girlfriend of Carol) in order calm down themselves

EP 24 : The baby is born, his name is Ben and everydoby brings adoration to him. Then Chandler make a revelation to Rachel : Ross is crazy of her. She waits for him during his travel in China. But when he comes back to US things won’t go as they were planned by Rachel….

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