How to get away with Murder

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How to get away with Murder Empty How to get away with Murder

Post by Roshni RAMAMONJY on Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:18 pm

Hello every one

" How to get away with murder " is one of beautiful put into series that reserved for us Shonda Rhimes. Known for series such as " Of Grey Anatomy ", "Private Practice" or still "Scandal". This judicial series plunges us into the everyday life of Annalise Keating ( Viola Davis), a defense counsel and additionally a Prof. of law of great renown. Full of authority, its lectures attract students of all the country, at the same time fascinated and frightened in front of this phenomenon of the judicial world. At any time of every episode, as we already think of knowing everything or everything to have seen already whatever thing always arrives has to surprise us in the right direction and tempt us to know about it always more.

We become attached very quickly to the characters who offer a whole panel of varied personalities. My favorite character is well sure Annalise Keating, she is a charismatic and unpredictable character perfectly played by Violleta Davis. But I also have a crush for Wes Gibbins a very mysterious character and a handsome  Cool  also. It is a series has not to miss!!! We are open-mouthed throughout the season
This series is addicting and exceed by far your hope.


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