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Post by Zhexun WANG on Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:28 pm

I want to talk about the series Nacros

The season 3 takes places after Pablo's forces were cleared up, the more socialized drug trafficking organization Cali occupied Pablo’s position. They tried to cleanse themselves and protect themselves from the legitimate business by investing in the new government. They are still the richest man who’s in charge of the country.

All the sensational and brutal killings in this story, as well as the incredible systemic corruption are exist in international news, people get surprised and then forget. But this time Netflix uses stories to get people Re-enter the details of the scene. If the first season of "drug lords" is to explain the cause of the prevalence of Colombian drug dealers to the public, then in the next seasons, we will gradually sketch out how another forces can establish the empire after Pablo’s death. And how the empire be defeated.

When you watch all the stories you can see that there is no victory at all. Victory in the usual sense does not exist in Colombia, where there is only trading and compromise. There are so many drug lords in Colombia, to extermine one helps create an opportunity for the growth of another.

Then I want to talk about agent pena. The hero of the serious.

Smoking, drinking, whoring, he is always perfunctory with works, but he smashed two major drug trafficking groups, Medellin and Cali.

The system he rely on corrupt, but he Ignores the dirty deal between the United States and Colombia, and breaking through the obstacles of the Colombian government to defeat the Cali group. He plays the system like playing the violin.

Reality is always not idea, but I believe in Pena’s depth heart, there is smoothing called justice .

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