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Post by wenhaoyi meng on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:07 pm

So, it is an adult sitcom, the show itself says: due to its content it should not be viewed by everyone.Basically, it is a satirical animation who sarcasm or mocks the nation ,the movie, the stars ,the social phenomenon etc,pretty much everything. Sounds like The Simpsons?Yes South park mocks The Simpsons too. and personally, I prefer SP.

The show revolves around four primary school boys live in a normal American town in Colorado and just having school..but every big adventure comes from their normal life.Watch a new bad movie,they go to find Lukas’s big secret,a new music game,they play it like having drugs,BlackFriday,the people wants to buy become The Others from The Songs Of Ice And fire。Through distorted imitations, SP mocks any aspects of American culture and current social issues,and has challenged many deeply rooted notions and taboos and are famous for their foul language, black humor, and surreal humor.

The most amazing thing to me is they can combine the two stories in a very harmonious way like having KFC and so you selling drugs.You will often exclaim this story is so crazily unfolded ,and finally you will find out these different stories are linked。The clever plot arrangement never make you feel bored,super heros, Romance comedy, reasoning novels ,horror novels, science fiction. The author seems to want to show off his rich experience,and because the main characters are children,so some naive opinion of the sounds reasonable.

It is also an encyclopedia of American culture. watch this show,you will understand something of all aspects of the United States and learn a lot of curse words which is
really helpful for learning English.More important point is you could know how does the American think about the American.Both authors of the show are Jews,the variety plot in the show let us also know what the Jews think of themselves and make this race become less mysterious.However, their view of the star is almost a personal attack,the audience seems to dig it very much but not for the victims.I really want to know how they escaped so many litigations.

I won't tell you the contents of each episode, there are 23 seasons! From 1997 to now!After so many years, four boys are still a primary school boy, but their state their town has been changing.At first glance, it seems that there is no progress in the main plot,but we can peep the American’s history and their life.

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