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Post by Corentin on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:13 pm

This is a resume of peaky blinders and my point of view about this TV show.There is so far four seasons. I just finish the first season last week-end. Peaky blinder is a TV show created by Kevin Knight that tells the story of a british ‘s gang in 1920. The guys who run the gang are the shelbys and at the helm the main guy is tommy shelby. This show take place in birmingham and tells the story of this familly wich tries to make increase its gang. The characters the relationships within the gang and the actual challenges they face and how they have to deal like with other criminal organisations when you see tommy carry out a complicated plan and he only tells specific people what their role in the plan is and no one actually knows the entire thing. We can see a similiarity with the tv show son of anarchy.
Besides the direction which remains really good with a dark atmosphere, the soundtrack is brilliant and especially the credits
his show is before any an entertainment but it also exposes the abuses of power of the police and the state. As well as collided them sudden by worker and the communists.
To finish, as Peaky Blinders is an English series, the accent of the actors is really easy to understand for those having difficulty understanding the American, Canadian accents..


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