The grand tour ( Top Gear ) TV series

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The grand tour ( Top Gear ) TV series Empty The grand tour ( Top Gear ) TV series

Post by Benjamin Nicolas 2 on Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:45 pm

Today i've watched the 11th episode of the TV series the grand tour. It is exactly like top gear from england but not by the bbc anymore, now amazon finances the TV serie. In this episode Richard Hamond drove a new sports car called the abarth 123 spider, a car by fiat. I looks like the mazda mx5 but is a lot better. It has more power, better steering, but it costs 30 000 pounds so 5 000 more than the mx5. After that they decided to by a second hand old mazerati each for 8 000 pounds or less. And decided to drive them in the north of France to show what they were capable of. Like usual they did a lot of racing, finished by trashing all they're cars, and weren't capable of telling us witch was the best one.

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