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Post by Alizéa bocquet on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:35 pm

Good new : Jo and Alex are innocent! Paul had a car accident caused by a drunk man. He dies of his wounds and Jenny and Jo become free from his grip. Unfortunately I find that this plot was not thorough enough, it ended too quickly. Furthermore, it will leave little time Bethany Joy Lenz on the screen.
Another plot, Grey's Anatomy shows again a sensitive but important topic: the many deaths of young African-Americans who are innocent and victims of prejudice and racism. In this episode, doctors greet a young boy who was shot by the police as he was returning home. His tragic death is hard to watch.
But it would not be an episode of Grey's Anatomy if there was not a little humor. We can see an embarrassing situation for April who has to give birth to the wife of his ex boyfriend or even a patient who tried to cut his hand to no longer to be in sin.
The series perfectly combines, as usual, drama and humor.

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