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Post by TREDAN Morane on Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:10 pm

Today I will tell you the story of episode 1 of the series 1 of  BLACK MIRROR.
This is the story of Ash and Martha, a couple living in the countryside. One day, Ash dies in a car accident. Martha is devasted by the death of his husband , and feels alone.
After several times(weathers), Martha discovers what is pregnant, and further to the visit of one of his(her) friends, she decided of downloaded on a phone application.This application allows to reproduce the way, the retorts as before as would have made him Ash
Being able to more take place of the way and the messages of virtual Ash which reminds him so much his ex-husband
Martha decides, further to the recommendation of the application, to buy extremely expensive alive synthetic Ash.
Over time, Martha realized that it was impossible to replace his ex-husband( Because virtual Ash is only an automaton programmed for enmagasiner of the information on the memories of couple to reproduce reactions)

At the end of the episode the clone of Ash is in the attic.
Martha and her daughter who grow come to visit him from time to time so that they do not forget how he was


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